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Author: Kailey Cutillo

Kailey is a fourth-year Biomedical Science and English student at the University of Ottawa. She is the senior editor and editor of the entertainment team for Her Campus uOttawa and is an editor for the University of Ottawa Science Undergraduate Research Journal. She grew up playing baseball and football and joined the uOttawa Quidditch team (yes, it’s a sport!) in 2017. She is passionate about women’s’ empowerment and equality in all spheres of life and hopes to contribute to the growing interest in women’s sports through She Scores.

Behaving Badly: The Double Standard of Behaviour in Sports

Throughout history, women have been confined to much more restrictive, controlled standards of behaviour and comportment – and while huge strides have been made over time, the sports industry remains one of the most segregated industries for men and women. From on-field behaviour, dress code, emotional displays and language, female athletes are subjected to sexist, […]