Liga MX Femenil

Campeonas MX amplifies the voice of women’s sports in Mexico

Campeonas MX founders Tatiana Briseño (left) and Mariana Serrano (right)

Over the last decade, more and more women have entered into visible positions of power, and many of them have become part of the sports information that is consumed on a daily basis.

Since 2017, Campeonas MX is one of the most important voices in sport, not only solely in Mexico, but on a worldwide basis.

Mariana Serrano and Tatiana Briseño are the founders of Campeonas MX. Thanks to the creation of Liga MX Femenil, Serrano shared that she met Briseño when she was trying to find collaborators to cover each team – thank social media for helping them connect.

Vanessa Yeroham (Public Relations) and Andrea Sierra (Editorial Director) also took part in the discussion and explained how difficult is to find information, especially regarding women’s sport. Nevertheless, they applaud the work that is made by Liga MX Femenil clubs, which have made strides to grow closer to media outlets sharing accurate information, and open to interviewing both players and coaching staff.

Campeonas MX has been growing notably since its creation, and thanks to the pandemic they can be found exploring new spaces, such as La Octava Sports, on the radio and the 90min website. Without a doubt, their work has been so important to growing awareness that even more people want to be part of it, having them involved in their respective team. Not all media outlets have specialized individuals working in women’s sport, which have grown in importance globally, and that is reflective of their success. 

Due to their amazing growth, FIFA has included these Campeonas MX clubs to the “Best Global WF (Women’s Football) Accounts” list on Twitter. The list consists of 77 profiles worldwide and it’s an incredible honour to see Campeonas MX as a part of that selected group.

Regarding Liga MX Femenil, Serrano and Briseño recalled experiencing their first final with only one media accreditation. Fortunately, they got a second ticket so both could enter the stadium together to see Chivas lifting the trophy. Nowadays, as a recognized site, they can cover all games, including the final, with a committed team, loved by the league and clubs because they are being part of each week’s news.

It is important to start thinking in terms of international club tournaments, such as CONCACAF Champions League, which is expected to be launched after 2023 Australia-New Zealand World Cup. Not only do Mexican teams stand a chance at increasing their standard of play coming up against NWSL sides, but also against global European and South American giants.

Furthermore, expect more international players to join Liga MX Femenil sides. Hopefully that step will be taken in the near future as it is a must to increase the magnitude of heights that the league could reach. Tatiana mentioned that some South American clubs have reached out to Campeonas MX sides asking at what point they will accept permitting foreign players into their league. Just imagine the benefits of having them. Although, it has to be taken into consideration that accepting foreign players needs not to affect the development of local players.

Participating in such a competition means competing with the very best, something that the Mexican national team is trying to do with Monica Vergara as head coach of this group. Apr. 10 and Apr.13 will be their next matches, playing friendlies against Slovakia and Spain, respectively.

What’s next for Campeonas MX? They want to become one of the top and most recognized media outlets of women’s sports globally and they certainly will obtain it. They are an inspiration for a lot of people who want to become part of sports, but most of it for athletes that nowadays can be followed by not only their families, but their fans.

One big lesson to take from this conversation: you can achieve any dream that you have, [so long as you] do not give up.

You can follow Campeonas MX in their social media accounts: 

Those who speak Spanish will be able to listen to this “Lado Futbol” chapter conducted with them on Spotify:

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