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The Power of Female Leadership

By Skylar Samuelson Our weight cards were headed with BTL in bold letters: Bitches That Lift. Although none of us ever said anything, many of us were not entirely comfortable with the nomenclature. Our coach, whose card certainly did not say BTL, liked to gather us together before we started picking up heavy things and […]

Canadian Women’s Sport Politics and Second-Wave Feminism

By Katie Clark The advent of second-wave feminism in Canada was characterised by middle class white women fighting for equality in employment and social standing and found its start in the 1960s (Bragg, 2011). At the same time, women began lobbying for increased equity and equality for their participation in sport (Hall, 2016). Women in […]

Because I’m a Girl

Like most kids I went to summer camp throughout my childhood. My favourite camp of all time (and still is today) is a soccer camp run by a family friend. I spent countless hours and summers dribbling balls, passing, shooting and building up my knowledge of soccer. I’ve never had a bad time at this […]

Rock Climbing: What Every Sport Should Look Up To

My name is Kyle Rath, I am 20 years old and really enjoy the sport of rock climbing. I first started to consistently rock climb around 3 years ago and have fallen in love with everything about it. The atmosphere at the local gym is very welcoming and there are levels there for beginners to […]

Change Starts With Me

Sports have always been a big part of my life. You can see my love of sports in the things I often wear, the conversations I often have, how I often choose to spend my free time, and admittedly the people I often become close friends with. Ever since my dad and uncle took my […]

Road to the Olympics

I was very honoured to represent Canada at two Olympic Games in Speed Skating – in 1964 in Innsbruck, Austria, and in 1968 in Grenoble, France. My skating career started on figure skates skating with family and friends at a small outdoor rink in my community. Once a year, the Winnipeg School Division held skating […]

Smiling Doesn’t Win Tournaments

I’ve been given crap before for being a softball/basketball player. One person told me to stick to volleyball or cheerleading and leave the rest up to the men. Another told me that I should smile when I pitch. I was inspired by Simone Biles and said, “Smiling doesn’t win tournaments.” However, the stereotype, “Girls only […]


​Being a father of three girls, who I’ve had the privilege of coaching in several sports, I’ve noticed how the female sporting gear market does not fully meet the needs of female athletes. The focus of almost all pieces of athletic equipment is the male athlete. Often the only design difference for the female equipment […]

My College Soccer Experience

My experience with Conestoga College these past 2 years have been an experience I won’t forget. My first year with Conestoga was one to remember. It was going to be a big jump for myself, from playing high school soccer to playing college soccer in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA). I was lucky enough […]