FairyKith balances a high level of Esports with a welcoming community for all

In today’s world of gaming, the competitive nature of the sport has seen a massive leap. 

It has become so much easier for fans to connect with their favorite players, thanks to the advancement of technology. Fans tune in for hours to watch their favorite streamers play in tournaments, ranked matches, and world finals.  

However, amongst the chaos there are those streamers who find a way to not only play at a high level, but to interact and be invited into a community. 

FairyKith, who wishes to not disclose her real name to the public, is a North Californian streamer who has created a community for herself that not only comes to see her play hit games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, but they visit the streams to be entertained by her hospitality as a host.

FairyKith was introduced to video games a few years back after Minecraft was brought into her life. Overtime she has become a variety streamer who has created a channel that is inviting to all people, and she enjoys the space that her platform has become. Having the opportunity to observe FairyKith’s stream, it was quickly established that she has created a haven for herself and others in the LGBTQ community. 

“It feels great! I strive to make my stream as inclusive as possible for everybody and give people a place where they feel safe to be themselves”.

As she spoke about her sexuality as a Bi-sexual woman, it became quickly evident in her stream that those watching resonated with her. Inclusivity was heavily established in her streams and her followers feel they can be 100% of themselves in the environment she has created.

The rise of women in gaming becomes more evident each day, and FairyKith believes that that future for the industry is promising.

“I think the future is incredibly bright and more and more women will make their mark on the gaming industry and eventually take it over!”

Out of all the different competitive communities, gaming is by far one of the most diverse in personality and physical presentation. Gamers come in a variety of different looks, but what is most compelling is that the community is very unapologetic. FairyKith’s backgrounds of her streams are very vibrant with a lot pink involved, and she is awesome with her makeup. 

“There’s not really a story, I just love pink and love experimenting with makeup.”

The most enjoyable part of watching a FairyKith stream is that not only does she play a variety of different games, but she also takes the time out to converse with her audience. She takes a lot of pride in the people who tune into her on a weekly basis. 

FairyKith’s ability to be original with who she is as a person shows in the way her followers and subscribers gravitate towards her.

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