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The U.S. women’s national soccer team is finally going to be paid the same amount as the men’s team. The women will receive over $700 thousand, the difference between the men’s and women’s World Cup bonuses, but the paycheques are not coming from US Soccer.

It was a granola bar company that stepped up and closed the gap. LUNA Bar is directly giving all 23 players over $31 thousand each.

“When LUNA Bar approached us in January to support and recognize the USWNT players in this way, I was speechless,” said Becca Roux, USWNTPA executive director. “Many brands raising awareness for equal pay use the USWNT’s fight as an example, but don’t go the extra step to offer a solution to the problem.”

The three-time World Cup-winning team has been fighting to equal pay since 2016. Earlier last month, the USWNT sued US Soccer for gender discrimination. Despite never winning a World Cup, the men’s team receives better pay, better field conditions and better travel accommodations.

Jill Ellis, USWNT head coach, also gets paid significantly less than the coaches for the men’s teams.

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