Selena Crafton’s journey to becoming an Esports star

The rise in the popularity of Esports over the last half decade has been nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to social media and live streaming we have been introduced to an abundance of new personalities in the realm of video games. I had the opportunity to speak to upcoming Esports live streamer, Selena Crafton or as her followers call her UhhLenabug.

The Tennessee native began her video game journey at a young age. Halo: Combat Evolved was her introduction to gaming and by the time Halo 2 was released she had found her passion for Esports. 

“I loved playing Halo with my cousin, and we played so much we would beat the entire campaign in one day,” Crafton said. 

Years later Crafton hosts her own community of followers and subscribers as they watch in satisfaction as she crushes opposing players in popular video game Call of Duty: Warzone

Selena Crafton on livestream via Twitch.

Selena Crafton’s inspiration for live streaming was from an encounter she had with a fellow Twitch streamer. 

“I met this girl, ShaylitoFrito,” Crafton recalled. “She was streaming when we met and was having such a good time with her community. I thought to myself, ‘Well I play every day for over eight hours; might as well just do it.”  

We fast forward three months later Crafton has already amassed 1k followers and has found her own community of supporters. 

The inspiration for Selena Crafton’s gamertag was the combination of different parts of her life.  The “uhh” comes from her experience on a Sniping team during her time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Lena is a nickname she is known by and the bug at the end was added because Crafton believed it was cute. 

Famous streamers like Pamaj, NickMercs, and DashieGames are big influences on Crafton’s development as a streamer. She attributes each of them to having qualities she takes mental note of to bring into her streams. 

Although gaming is more competitive than it has ever been, Crafton still finds peace by saying, “I watch Dashie’s YouTube videos. Watching him reminds me to have fun while gaming even if I’m losing, there is never a dull moment with him.”

Selena’s first experiences in party chats during her gaming sessions were enjoyable because fellow gamers were so in awe of her being a girl. However, as she got older the encounters in the party chats have changed as well.

 “Nowadays, it’s hit or miss if the players in the lobby will be nice or not but I’m always spreading love and being nice…. until I completely shred them.”  

Unfortunately, there are still those who lack the understanding and respect in the gaming community, but it does not keep Crafton from being the positive influence she is to those who follow her content. 

The community of women in Esports is growing, and Crafton believes the surge will continue rapidly.

“There’s Discord chats for strictly girl gamers and clans full of girl gamers. I’d say the best way for us to grow is networking, and all we can do is continue to play and hopefully meet each other, whether that’s in game or over social media.”

Selena Crafton aka UhhLenabug is on her way to being a rising star in the Esports and Live streaming community. She can be found on Twitch, Instagram and Twitter under the handle @uhhLenabug.

Featured photo courtesy of Selena Crafton/Instagram.

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