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Coastal rowing is the badass, adventure cousin of flat-water Olympic style rowing, where athletes stay in lanes and use very skinny, lightweight boats.

In coastal rowing, races are done on the rough water of open ocean, in more sturdy, wider boats and are usually four to six kilometers long. The race course goes out and around buoys, with multiple boats jostling for position during the race.

In addition, the race starts with crews on the shore, and then they must hustle to the boat, strap in, and start racing.

When conditions on the water are windy or wavy, there can be sensational and dramatic breaching of boats and while crews push and plow through each other and the waves to reach the finish line first.

Unfortunately, when crews gathered in Sydney, Victoria from October 11th to 14th, the conditions would have been enviable by those into regular rowing events.

While the calm waters and sunny skies disappointed some of the more adventurous athletes, there was still much praise for the organization and level of racing. Over 30 nations took part, with 600 athletes taking part. Races were run in the single, double, and coxed quadruple sculls for men and women. In addition, this year was the first World Championships to include the mixed double.

The event had great participation from Canadian rowing clubs, including the Victoria Rowing club, the Winnipeg rowing club, the Delta Deas Rowing Club, the Maple Bay Rowing Club, Club d’Aviron de la Capitale, the Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club, Club d’Aviron d’Alma, the Nelson Rowing Club, and Aviron Lachine Rowing. There was also international representation from Spain, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Russia, the USA, New Zealand, Sweden, the Ukraine, Brazil, Ireland, Denmark, Great Britain, Croatia, and Monaco.

Podium results were distributed across countries, but what all the countries were willing to share in was the approval of the friendly people and beautiful location of Sydney. The organizers got rave reviews for a smooth and well-attended event. Maybe next time there will be some rip roaring waves to liven things up!

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